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Letter to best friend, never sent

February 15, 2000 (estimated based on Brandon’s age)

Hi Jill —

Well, I’ve survived a week and two days. It’s actually getting a little easier. I had a talk with myself and decided to use more patience and less discipline. It seems to be working — at least I feel better.

Brandon will start his new class on the 22nd. Hopefully it will work for him. It is more structured. They also deal with emotional problems.

His first visit with the psychiatrist (can you believe an eight year old going to a psychiatrist?) on the 26th, his birthday. Poor little guy. I worry about him.

February 23, 2000

I’m parked in Gromer’s parking lot waiting for Ashley to get out of school. I finally talked her into crossing with the guard — parking in front of the school is a mess.

It’s a beautiful day. It’s 63° — can you believe it!

I’ve been going to the boat (not to gamble) to get a free breakfast. Sort of like the retired group that met for free coffee at Gromer’s years ago.

February 25, 2000

Waiting in another parking lot for my sister. We have an exercise class this morning.

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